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As the provider of continuous medical education (CME) events offering the opportunity to improve expertise in radiation oncology/radiotherapy, you can apply here for SSRO credits. Please submit the credit application at least 6 weeks before the planned CME event. The processing time for the request is at least 2 weeks.

Per accredited CME event the following fee is incurred:
Single training event CHF 120
Sequential training event CHF 240 per calendar year

Accredited CME events will be published automatically on this website under the heading > CME events.

To apply for credits for e-Learning, please contact the Head Office.

Event information

Upload training event programme (PDF)


Scientific responsibility


Formal requirements

The training event is held without any support from sponsors
The training event is supported by sponsors (please list at least 2 sponsors)
The training event deals with contents that are of oncological relevance and respects basic scientific principles recognised in oncology*
The training event meets the criteria of Ordinance on Continuing Professional Development (Fortbildungsordnung/FBO) of the FMH*
The training event meets the guidelines of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) regarding co-operation between the medical profession and industry (SAMS Guidelines >DE / >FR, SAMS Checklist >DE / >FR).*


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I hereby confirm that the information I have provided is accurate and complete*

I have read and agree to the use of the data I provide in accordance with the terms of the data protection.

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Problems completing the form? Please contact or +41 61 690 92 13 (during office hours)

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